Investment Property Management

Serving Southern Siskiyou County and Northern Shasta County in Northern California.

Our team at TOP SERVICES Mount Shasta specialty is to provide quality care management of your investment property. Experienced in this field, our team will maintain your property, address maintenance issues, and provide seasonal preparations. We can assist in promoting, booking, preparation, hosting and cleaning, and lawn maintenance of your vacation investment property. Allow us to assist you in creating consistent income from your vacation rental property.

If you currently own property, or are interested in purchasing property in the future, give us a call and we can assist with constructed guidelines in regards to vacation rentals and ideals of the best location to generate income.
Contact TOP SERVICES Mount Shasta today for introduction rates.

Property Watch Program

Are you keeping your investment home private and reserved for you and your family?
Do you have vacant commercial or residential property on the market?

We can simply be your eyes.

For a flat monthly rate we will physically inspect your property inside and out on a weekly basis. We will also inspect after snow storms, fire alerts, and extreme weather conditions. We will update you of any changes and provide a monthly report via email or US mail. Give us a call today to secure your investment.